Conrad Manila

Experience a well-curated selection of signature items well-prepared and handpicked by Conrad Manila’s diverse culinary ensemble. From award-winning dishes to fine wines, there is an adventure waiting for all discerning palates.
Food and beverage

Grand is bringing together great food for good

From nose to tail, from root to tip. When it comes to food, we’re big on using every part of the animal, vegetable, or fruit. So whether you’re planning to cook up a storm or pack up to-go, your purchase of our products and produce is you doing your bit for the environment.

Grand is having a drink in hand and the future in mind

We have a wine collection of more than 400 Old World and New World labels, and a staggering range of premium spirits, cocktails, and beers. Yet what we’re proudest of is the positive impact our alcohol selection—and the partners who supply them to us—has on the environment. We drink to that!

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